Plenary Virtual Meeting in response to the pandemic

Monday 29 June 2020

Due to the COVID19 emergency and subsequent lockdown, all in–presence activities of project DHIP had to stop. To keep the project alive and kicking and update the state- of-art, the Consortium resolved to have a remote plenary meeting on 29 June 2020.

The first part of the meeting was devoted to the Latin American Partners' presentations on their Institutions reaction to the COVID-19 emergency: measures, initiatives, and management.

During the second part of the event, representatives of the University of Pisa presented the project state-of-art and future developments.

In the last part of the meeting, European partners gave an overview of their tutoring activities and their tutored country's actions to improve their IROs. In addition, the country coordinators of the Latin American partners updated on the process of purchasing the equipment for the IROs.

Despite the uncertainty and understandable fear of the pandemic, the Consortium resolved to continue developing its idea of internationalization as a whole. All partners are aware that there is still a great deal of work to do, but they use all their efforts to implement and show outstanding commitment, notwithstanding this critical situation.


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