The goal of the project management system is to ensure that milestones are reached on time, in budget, and with high quality.

It is the management’s responsibility to monitor the activities and result and to share continuousily information with all partners. Moreover, it maintains communication with the Project Officer and the National Erasmus+ Office. The DHIP management is based on the Project Management knowledge sharing Application (PMA). It is an easy-to-use, web-based open source software designed primarily to oversee all phases of the project cycle, from planning to operational management by geographic area and individual partners. The application guarantees a constant monitoring of activities and assessment of management efficiency, as well as transparency of the control, monitoring and evaluation processes of the project activities, including administrative and accounting relations. All the partners will contribute to the creation of the PMA which allows immediate consultation and the production of data and information, preserving the memory of the Project.


Steering Committee set up;

Executive Office set up;

Operational Planning and IEP Master Programme definition;

Design and development of the Project Management Application (PMA);

 Control and monitoring of activities progress;

Design of the DHIP Guidelines;

Financial management and external audit activities.