The Latin American partners explain what they mean with "internationalisation of curriculum"

Sunday 20 October 2019

Last September 2019, the University of Deusto organised the webinar: "Curriculum internationalisation and student-centred learning: why and what for?".The activity was planned into the training activities of the project DHIP.

The Latin American partners received some input for the quality of higher education improvement, focusing on developing the   student-centred and competency-based learning

To make sure that this webinar was effectively useful for all the participants, the colleagues of Bilbao invited them  to record short videos explaining to a selected group of institutional actors what internationalisation of the curriculum is about, why it is  essential and what it means to their own institutional context.

Here you have the results:



Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

Universidad Nacional de Quilmes

Universidad Nacional de Lanús


Universidad Pedagógica Nacional

Universidad de Santander


Universidad del Cono sur de las Américas

Universidad Autónoma de Asunción

Universidad Iberoamericana