Webinar on the internationalization of the curriculum

Tuesday 22 September 2020

The webinar "Internationalization of the Curriculum in Context" was held on Tuesday 22 as part of the Erasmus DHIP Program, funded by the European Union and as part of the FIESA Webinar Cycle.

It was a great success with the participation of 460 people from 17 countries in America and Europe.

The activity was jointly organized by the National University of Quilmes, the Program for the Internationalization of Higher Education and International Cooperation (PIESCI) of the Secretariat for University Policies of the Ministry of Education, the National Interuniversity Council (CIN) and the Council of Rectors of private universities (CRUP).


The speakers were Betty Leask, Emeritus Professor of Internationalization of Higher Education at La Trobe University of Melbourne (Australia) and Pablo Beneitone, Professor at the National University of Lanús. Dr. Juan Luis Mérega, of the UNQ,was the moderator  and the closure was realized by Marina Larrea, of the PIESCI-SPU.

The webinar was also the starting point of a cycle of four webinars, which will take place between September and the end of the year, in which interdisciplinary teams from 20 Argentine universities will develop a practical exercise on the subject, in workshop format and under the coordination of Leask and Beneitone

The significance of the webinar cycle is to take on in all its dimensions the challenge of ensuring an education with diversified knowledge and multicultural perspectives, which systematically offers global learning opportunities and which ensures that students from Argentine Higher Education Houses develop general skills, disciplinary and professional knowledge. In this sense, it is essential that this challenge goes beyond the reduction of internationalization to actions focused on academic mobility to start thinking about the internationalization of curricula, teaching and learning.

The Webinar