Universidad Nacional de Lanús


Created in 1995, with 20000 students, Universidad Nacional de Lanús has as its primary mission to contribute through the production and distribution of knowledge and scientific-technological innovations to the economic, social and cultural development of the region, to improve their quality of life and strengthen democratic values. Therefore, and responding actively to the social, cultural and economic context, UNLa develops from its origins a series of actions and projects aimed at establishing links with the community that allow creating, improving and deepening connections to revalue existing structures.

Within the scope of the UNLa, actions traditionally identified as "extension to the community” and “international relationships" are redefined as cooperation actions. Cooperation involves new dimensions, in addition to those that have traditionally characterised the relationship of the university with the environment. That is why participation is considered as an overarching concept to face the challenges that the situation imposes on higher education institutions.