Università di Sassari


The university is based in Sassari and also has courses in Alghero, Olbia, Nuoro and Oristano, with a population of about 13,000 students. With its ten departments and more than 650 teachers from universities throughout Italy, the University of Sassari offers training in presence and distance (e-learning) in both the humanistic and scientific fields. The educational offer is broad and varied: three-year degrees, master's degrees, two of which are international, master's, specialisation schools and research doctorate courses. The university has over 40 interdisciplinary research centres and 12 libraries, presenting a wide choice for practising in the medical disciplines. Through the definition of International Collaboration Framework Agreements (MOU) with universities and research centers of 57 countries in the world, and participation in international exchange projects (Erasmus +, Ulisse, Fulbright, Globus, Marco Polo, SICT, Vietnam Elective Students, Guatemala Project, etc.), the University contributes to the creation of a dynamic and stimulating academic environment. The adhesion to international networks aims to promote not only academic cooperation beyond national borders but also the creation and consolidation of the international "internal" dimension of the University, an increasingly complex academic reality, a privileged destination for students, visiting professors, researchers and experts from all over the world.