Universidad Nacional de Cuyo


Founded in 1939, the National University of Cuyo is today the largest centre of higher education in western Argentina. Located in Mendoza, the university offers over 270 degrees, 600 research projects and 90 post-graduate programmes. With 45.000 students, 12 Faculties and three teaching institutes, the UNCuyo strongly supports the development of research work, scientific, technological and artistic production and communication targeted to relevant social and scientific problems.  We also implement policies following principles of quality and relevance that strengthen social inclusion, equal opportunities, integration in diversity, and respect for cultural identities.

The UNCuyo aims at becoming a global university that promotes values and international competencies in the educational community. To this end, we work on mobility programs for students, teachers and staff; international research projects; international seminars; internationalisation programs at home; double-diploma programmes, among others.