Universidade do Porto


Founded in 1911, U.PORTO is today one of the largest higher education and research institutions in Portugal with 31. 309 students (19% international, including mobility), and one of the top 200 European Universities according to the most relevant international ranking systems. The U.Porto combines high-quality education focused on individual vocations and talents as well as market needs with the claim to being the greatest birthplace of science in Portugal. It is committed to converting into social assets the expertise and innovation from its 14 faculties, one business school and over 50 research centres. The U.Porto has the most vibrant academic community in Portugal and brings together the country’s highest ranked students, a highly qualified scientific and teaching staff and a growing number of international students, teachers and researchers. Its fully equipped campus embedded within the city guarantees an optimal academic, scientific, and also social and cultural experience.

The University is itself an essential driving force for economic, social, cultural and scientific development in Northern Portugal and the country as a whole. The U.Porto creates leaders, promotes innovators and encourages entrepreneurs. In short, it trains people who can make a difference in their communities.

Currently, the U.Porto is the most international of the Portuguese universities thanks to its active cooperation with hundreds of higher education institutions worldwide. In 2016, the UPorto received the Institutional Award for Innovation in Internationalisation, assigned by the European Association for International Education the University of Porto, in recognition of the progress in internationalisation (from 2011 and 2016). In the same year, the UPorto also received the Inspiring Project Award under the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, awarded by the Portuguese Erasmus+ National Agency. The ambition now is to establish the U.Porto as one of the top 100 universities in the world by 2025.