Universidad Pedagógica Nacional


The National Pedagogical University (UPN) is a state public institution of higher education, founded by the Colombian government in 1955. It is organised as an autonomous university entity, with a particular regime, whose specific mission is the training of people and teachers, professionals education and educational actors at the service of the nation and the world, at all levels and modalities of the educational system and for the entire population in its multiple manifestations of diversity.

Its pedagogical character lies in the specificity of its objects of study and its social practice in the field of education, pedagogy and didactic, historically occupied in the training of educators. It is a pioneer in the formulation of undergraduate programs such as undergraduate degrees,  offering postgraduate programs referring to different aspects of education, to implement curricular projects with other institutions. It focuses on the formation of the person, to promote analysis and debate about educational processes in all their dimensions, and to advise and Support the generation of public policies in education.

The potential of the UPN stands out as the concern and interest it has in developing actions that guarantee inclusion and address diversity, through the dynamization of intercultural, innovative and investigative educational processes. These are particularly directed to populations that require special educational attention, cognitive, functional and talented disabled people, indigenous communities, Afro-Colombian communities, and peasant communities, among other populations of interest.