Universidad de Santander


A new stage begins in our Universidad de Santander - UDES and a hopeful future for students envisioned in their academic and scientific objectives. The University is positioned as the leading university in the East of Colombia with a broad educational offer, which has set the goal of intensifying its accreditation processes, as well it has defined that research, internationalisation of its programs, virtual environments and its relationship with society will be a path for strengthening and modernisation. Our aim is that the Universidad de Santander effectively builds international relations with growing mobility of professors and students, joint and double degree programs, research and agreements that allow expanding its cooperation with countries in Latin America, Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia and Oceania. Also, increase the relationship with prestigious Colombian universities. All this will guarantee a greater competitive capability, consolidating the positioning of its students in the educational atmosphere, in such way that they project them as competent professionals committed to the social, environmental reality and the productive sector of the country. We focus our 84 undergraduate and graduate programs in the areas of health, administrative sciences, basic sciences, social sciences, education sciences, agricultural sciences, engineering, law, marketing and advertising, as well as in the area of technologies, with the highest academic rigour maintaining them with their relevance and social impact. With the international support of recognised universities of the world, we keep opening new programs that did not exist in Santander or Colombia, and we are projecting towards the doctorates seeking to contribute, from the academic point of view to the development and the equity of our country.