Universidad Nacional de Quilmes


Quilmes National University (UNQ, for its acronym in Spanish) was established in 1989. Organised by a departmental structure, currently offers 42 graduate courses, 14 masters degrees and three doctoral degrees, distributed among its four academic units (Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Economics and Management and Arts).  These academic activities are provided both in traditional face to face and virtual learning schemes. Its current student population rises to 30,000, in both environments, what is shaping up as a convergent university in bimodal.

In the last ten years, UNQ has faced an active policy of internationalisation, designed not only as a recipient of cooperation but also as a potential provider of educational, technological and technical assistance. This policy of internationalisation is mainly focused on different areas of work which include: comprehensive internationalisation, student mobility programs, exchange programs in academic cooperation and research, and programs of South-South and development cooperation.